Thermocouple/RTD Universal input Ramp/Soak Controller Zero-cross Triac output


Service Life: Use the Digital Controller within the following temperature and humidity ranges:
Temperature: −10 to 55°C (with no icing or condensation), Humidity: 25% to 85%.
●The Control can be programmed with maximum 64 segments.Program can be executed automaticall,can be restored after power failure situation.
●Can be connect the following sensors and signals to the universal input(K.E,J.T.S,R,B,N,PT100).
●Can be easily set the optimum PID constants by performing AT (auto-tuning) with the limit cycle method,or ON-OFF Control Mode.
●Can be output an alarm when the deviation, process value, set point, or manipulated value reaches a specified value.
●With any model that supports communications, you can use communications , Modbus-RTU
●With any model that provides a transfer process value as a 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5 V transfer output.
Input Sensor:
●Temperature input: CU50(–50.0~150.0℃)/PT100(–199.9~600.0℃)/K(–30.0~1300℃)/E(–30.0~700.0℃)/J(–30.0~900.0℃)/T(–199.9~400.0℃)/S(–30~1600℃)/R(–30.0~1700.0℃)/WR25(–30.0~2300℃)/N(–30.0~1200.0℃)
●Current input (analog input): 4 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 20 mA DC
Control Outputs:
●Relay output
●Voltage output (for driving SSR)
●PID linear current output(4-20mA /0-10v)
●Zero-cross output(for driving Triac)
(A single functional)
●One Relay output
●Two Relay outputs
h×w×d(Unit: mm) 160×80×85 152×76;
S:80×160×85 152×76;
A:96×96×110 92×92;
D:72×72×110 68×68;
E:48×96×110 44×92;
F:96×48×110 92×44;
G:48×48×110 44×44;
R(din35): 88mm ×72mm ×59mm 。
Transfer Output:
(Optional features)With any model that provides a transfer process value as a 4 to 20 mA or 1 to 5 V transfer output.
(Optional features)RS485/RS232 Modbus RTU Communications

Terminal Arrangement:

Register Address Code Name Manual Setting range Ex-Factory
0x00 SP  Setting value When run = 0, no program segment controlling. Determined by P-SL P-SH  100
The main parameters (PART 1). Basic Setting Level
0x01 AL-1 Alarm 1 Please refer to ALP for the alarm mode suitable.
Alarming when the program sections is breaking up.
Determined by P-SL P-SH -
0x02 AL-2 Alarm 2 -
0x03 Pb PV Bias The value set in the PV bias is added to the actual input value to correct the input value. ±20.0 0
0x04 KP Proportional band Set when PI or PID control is performance. For heating / cooling PID action.
When P=0,the meter is ON/OFF control
0-3000 100
0x05 KI Integral time Eliminates offset occurring in proportional control. 0~3000 500
0x06 KD Derivative time Prevents overshoot and/or undershoot caused by integral action effect.. 0~2000S 100S
0x06 KT PID control cycle. Control response time 2~120 20
0x07 FC Digital Filter This is a 1st-order lay filter by software prepared in order to reduce fluctuations of measured value (PV) by noise. 0~50 20
0x08 Hy Differential gap When the control is ON/OFF control(P=0)
Relay contact may repeat its turning ON and OFF due to input fluctuation if measured value (PV) is near the alarm set value.the differential gap setting can prevent the relay contact from ON or OFF repetition.
0.1~50.0 0.5
0x09 dp Decimal point position selection Set the position of the decimal point for the measured value to be displayed.   0~1 0
0x0A outH Output limiter high Output limiter low to 200   200
0x0B outL Output limiter low 0 to Output limiter high   0
0x0C AT Autotuning (AT) with learning function 1: Autotuning (AT) with learning start
0: Autotuning (AT) with learning stop
Turns OFF automatically when the AT with learning function is completed.
0~1   0
0x0D LocK Set data lock LOCK=0, Set value (SV) and parameter can be set.
LOCK=1,Only set value (SV) can be set.
LOCK>1, Set value (SV) and parameter cannot be set.
0~50   0
0x0E ts Input type1 Cu50(–50.0~150.0℃);
Pt100 (–199.9~600.0℃;  )
K( -30.0~1300℃);
E( -30.0~700.0℃);        
J (-30.0~900.0℃);
T( -199.9~400.0℃);        
S( -30~1600℃);
__ K
0x0F Input type2 0~5V/0~10mA;
__  4-20mA
0x10 OP-A Control output 0:no output 
1:Relay output
2:Voltage output (for driving SSR)
3:Zero-cross output(for driving Triac)
4:PID linear current output(4-20mA /0-10v)
(A single functional)
0x11 OP-B AUX  output Opt. 0:no output;             
1:RS232 or RS485;
2:contact the micro-printer; ‘
3:transmitter 0~10mA
0x12 ALP Alarm type 0: Alarm function OFF;
‘1’ Process high alarm; 
‘2’ Process low alarm;
‘3’Process high and low alarm.(H1 and L2)
‘4’ Deviation High alarm ;
‘5 Deviation low alarm;
‘6’Deviation High and Low alarm..(H1 and L2)
‘7’ Deviation high/low alarm;  
‘8 Band alarm.
0~10 According to the request
0x13 COOL System function Opt. ‘0’:reverse control(heating)
‘1’:positive control(cooling)
0~1 0
0x14 P-SH Range high The control is displayed after the Input type and Input range. P-SL~9999
0x15 P-SL Range low -1999~P-SH 0
0x16 Add


Communication address can be set from 0 to 255 0-255 1
0x17 Baud Communication speed 1200;  2400;  4800;   9600; ____ 9600
0x18 m-A Manual output      
Partial parameter of Program control (PART 2) Program Setting Level
0x19 SEC Set time unit 0:minute, 1:second. 0~1 0
0x1A LOOP Cycles 0:Rest when program ended.. 1:Looping as a cycle. 0~1 1
0x1B PED Power failure 0:The Data was preserved when Power Down, and you need manual operation(press the key▲for 3 seconds)with the restoration;
1:No Preserving Data when power down, you need manual operation(press the key▲for 3 seconds)to Segment 1;
2:Data Preserved and automatic with the restorations,
3:No Preserving and it will return segment 1 with the restoration automatic.
0x1C AL_P Soak Band(Wait zone)
The A-T lamp flash if the deviation absolute value[Measured value (PV) − Set value (SV)] is less
than or greater than the AL_P set value to the control stop the timing.
When Measured value (PV) does not follow the progress of the program (when difference between PV and
SV remains) during the Program control operation, the program will be on standby state at Segment time end
point until the Measured value (PV) reaches the Wait zone.
  0~100.0   10.0
0x1D run Program control mode  setting ‘0’stop:you can Press the▲key, modify SP values. Without Program segment control.
‘1’Rest:Rest when Program control was ended.
‘2’pause: Run with the current set value, and pause with no timing;
‘3’run:Program control runing
    0~3     0
0x1E Pro Program segmentation Skip a random segment. Running time TE to reset at time 0~64 0
0x1F TE Run time The run time of nonce segment(only read) ≤setting time of this section, the unit is minute READ ONLY
0x20 r1 Ramp Time 1 The unit is min. (End with the previous segment when r=0.
Ignored the Segment and Skip to next segment when r=2000)
0-2000  min -
0x21 t1 Soak Time 1 Soaking time of Platform 1, the Segment will be skipped to next section when the time is 0. 0~9999
0x22 C1 Segment 1 Set value The first Constant temperature Soak segment. Determined by
0x7D r32 Ramp Time 32 The same as above   ___
0x7E t32 Soak Time 32 The same as above   ___
0x7F C32 Segment 32 Set value The same as above   ___